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*Note: We are currently working on revamping many of the articles and site layout to make the content more scholarly and enjoyable

The goal of TransistorTechnology is to research, present, and develop technologies that will bring us steps closer to the future. It is unfortunate that unreliable public claims and conspiracy theories continue to run amok ranging from free energy and aliens to other future technologies.


Note: we do not say these technologies can not prevail – in fact we’re pursuing them! Rather, one should learn what it means to have scientific evidence. If an experiment cannot be replicated then it is possible that other phenomena could have been accountable for the results. Plus, what good is new technology if no one can reproduce the results?


We believe a discovery occurs when successful theory replaces preexisting theory and can better model naturalistic phenomena and make better predictions. An invention occurs when these models are successfully transformed into a consumer product.


A basic grasp of calculus and quantum mechanics should suffice for understanding the material presented


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