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The goal of TransistorTechnology is to research, present, and develop technologies that will bring us steps closer to the future. It is unfortunate that unreliable public claims and conspiracy theories continue to run amok ranging from free energy and aliens to other future technologies.


Note: we do not say these technologies can not prevail – in fact we’re pursuing them! Rather, one should realize that physics is merely a mathematical model used to explain the universe. Where this model fails, new truths and theories may emerge to push modern science further then ever before. Neither string theory nor loop gravity nor the multiverse has been able to adequately explain reality.[1] At Transistor Technology we will attempt to bridge the gaps with our own theory of everything.


Our Theory of Everything

We’ll investigate Gravity, Energy, Space, and Time as four concepts that are not yet fully understood that if conquered could benefit humanity. Imagine if one could instantly travel to distant stars, solve the world’s energy crises, or even time travel.


Just as Einstein theorized that Time was relative, we believe it could be possible that the entirety of the universe is relative, to include the nature of space, time, gravity, and the four fundamental forces. As we shall find out, one cannot experience time, space, gravity, or any force without a frame of reference.

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[1] https://www.math.columbia.edu/~woit/wordpress/?p=6238


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